We are emergency physicians and were first inspired to write the book because we saw so many of our patients leaving the hospital confused and dissatisfied. We see our patients coming in with symptoms that are troubling them, and we are so concerned with "ruling out" potentially life-threatening diseases that their entire medical care gets focused on figuring out what they DON'T have. You have a belly ache? Let's make sure it's not appendicitis or gallstones. A CAT scan and some blood work and an ultrasound later, we are pretty sure it's not appendicitis or gallstones, but what do you actually have? So many unnecessary tests get done. So you leave without any better idea of what you have and how you can get better.

Our book is about how patients can advocate for their own health by doing one very simple thing: asking for a diagnosis when you go the doctor. You go to the doctor because you want to find out what’s wrong and how you can get better. In today's world, though, all you get are tests to “rule out” problems rather than getting to the diagnosis. Patients get huge bills with tons of tests, but at the end of the day, leave without every finding out the very reason they went to their doctor in the first place. We guide patients to help the doctor make a diagnosis. We show how to advocate for your own health and put the focus of medical care back on doing what’s best for you. We see our book as the beginning of a healthcare movement to empower all of us to take control of our health--and get the best medical care that we deserve.

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